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Balconies with expanded metal

August 2019 - Steel is easy to assemble and disassemble. The Bolívar apartment building in Almere Buiten was completed earlier this year. This building has four floors and 95 two-room social rental properties. The houses have a floor space of 50 m2 and are all equipped with a terrace or balcon

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Flexible parking garage

July 2019 - Steel is easy to assemble and disassemble. Steel makes fast and flexible construction possible and large spans can be created with steel. It is therefore not surprising that the new ASML parking garage is made of steel and is equipped with Staco gratings!

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Staco Nederland opened their doors

March 2019 - On Sunday 24 March Staco opened their doors for an insight into the production industry of our gratings and stairtreads. The attendance during the day was high and the reaction was positive.

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Staco #joins-the-club

February 2019 - This season, Staco has a few nice seats at the VVV Stadion “de Koel”.

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Staco louvre gratings: beautiful, durable and privacy guaranteed!

January 2019 - 'Our gardens have durable partitions that match the style of our houses perfectly. The louvre gratings guarantee our privacy without giving us the feeling of being closed in.'

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