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Ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock
Ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock
Ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock
Ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock

Ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock

July 2020 - Shipyard Talsma from Franeker has developed an innovative floating structure that can be fitted out as a ship lift, lifting platform or dry dock. A newly developed lifting system is used rather than cranes. This means that the new system can be used at locations with limited depths or logistical limitations.

The floating platform is lowered into the water with hydraulic cylinders. Depending on the type of vessel, the platform can be fitted out with special trestles or towers. The vessel sails over the platform and is positioned above the trestles or towers.

Air is then pumped under the platform and the platform, with the vessel, is pushed up out of the water by a combination of hydraulics and air. The trestles or towers ensure that the ship remains stable when the platform emerges from the water. This approach makes it possible to take a vessel out of the water within about half an hour.

Unique modular lift system 

The unique feature of this lifting system is that it is built on modular lines. This means the system can be taken apart and built up in a different location, making it possible to use it more efficiently. 

Conservation of sheet steel and cutting to size

De Boer Staal supplied steel plates in Grade A. Some of the sheet steel was coated in our own steel coating line. Then De Boer Snijbedrijf cut the steel to size for the various parts of the ship lift.

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