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ROTO has planted a tree in your honour!

The ROTO forest of 1500 mangrove trees is situated in Dukuhseti, on the island of Java in Indonesia. 

The trees are still very small, but will grow into a hardy mangrove forest. Mangroves thrive in salt water and are adapted to survive in the coastal conditions around Dukuhseti. Mangroves are important in supporting sustainable coastal and marine ecosystems. Their roots help bind and build soils and protect nearby areas from tsunamis and extreme weather events. Mangrove forests are also effective in capturing and storing carbon and mitigating climate change. 

The 1500 mangroves of the ROTO forest have been planted by Musthofa, a 52 year old farmer with two children who lives in Dukuhseti. By planting and caring for the ROTO forest, he not only provides for his family, but also contributes to a better world.

Claiming your tree

It was our intention for you to claim and name your own tree, but we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our tree supplier’s website. As soon as these problems have been resolved, we will notify you and provide instructions on how to do this

Congratulations! In the ROTO forest a tree has been planted for you.

To claim your tree (one per person), go to and enter our special code ROTO123 and fill out your own email address. Once you have done that, you will receive an email with the link to YOUR tree.

The text on the website is in English, but to help you claim your tree, use the translation below to guide you through the steps:


Welcome to the ROTO forest!

In the ROTO forest a tree has been planted in your honour! To claim your tree, please enter the special ROTO claim code below.

Enter special code ROTO123

Claim your tree


Congratulations! A tree has been planted in your honour!

We will send your tree link to your email, so you can name your tree, see where it is planted, track its CO2 performance online and so much more!

Enter your own email address

Press send


Thank you!

You will receive a link to your tree in your email in a moment. To go directly to your tree in the ROTO forest, click on the button below.

Visit your tree!

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